Gold Chrome Ultra Boost 20 Stripes

*Fits most Ultra Boost 20 shoe models. Please understand the material is only compatible on rubber, plastic, leather surfaces and will not adhere will to cloth, mesh, or suede. If you have stitched/fabric stripes, we recommend using Chrome, Carbon Fiber, Reflective, or any of our Printed Patterns as they have a stronger adhesive layer added. 

Design and Customize your Ultra Boost 20 to STAND OUT with our precision cut adhesive Boosted Stripes. Packaged with instructions and easily installed in under 15 minutes with a hair dryer or heat gun! Our adhesives are very similar to high performance vinyl used on automobiles and are much more durable than a sticker.

  • Premium Heat/Pressure Activated Materials
  • Precision Fitment
  • Fully Removable (just heat them again and peel)
  • Durable to withstand all weather conditions with a minimum life of 4-6 months

What’s Included

  • 12 Cage Stripes for Ultra Boost 20