BCA Custom Printed Laces

Custom Printed Shoe Laces

"1 in12" Written on one lace end, stands for the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer.

"#FORTHEBOOSTBS" Written on the other lace end, stands for why we raise awareness this month. Typically, it is for the BOOST, but this month is for the BOOBS!

Topped off with our Custom Branded Pink Aglets to match the text. 

Our printed shoelaces are manufactured one of two ways, either they are screen printed, or by dye sublimation. Laces with letters/characters are screen printed, and laces with an all over pattern, typically use the dye sublimation process. Both are made to withstand all four seasons and the washing machine, so don't be afraid, go out there and rock what you love! 

Printed Lace Sizing

Laces are manufactured in between the size of NMD laces and Ultra Boost laces, made to be compatible with both model shoes.
  • 40 inch Recommended (Doesn't allow for much extra lace, and can be worn tied or untied.) 

*Please note only the shoelaces pictured are what you are purchasing, other accessories sold separately.