Day of the Dead Superstar Stripes

Boosted Stripes Kits Include:

Superstar – 16 Stripes (4 Replacement Stripes)

An exciting way to customize your sneakers without it being permanent! Guaranteed to fit and easily installed in under 10 minutes with a hair dryer or heat source, Boosted Stripes can totally transform the look of your sneakers, old or new. Stripes can last for up to 3-6 months with proper care and when you're ready for a new color, simply peel off the adhesive. Boosted Stripes do not leave a residue behind and are much higher quality than a sticker. Boosted Stripes are weather resistant, and can be worn in the rain, but we don't recommend swimming with them. 

*Please note Superstar stripes are also cut to fit, meaning you will have to cut the bottom of the stripe where the leather meets the sole, in order to create the appropriate length/fit based on size sneaker.