Matte Black Ultra Boost Heel Cup Covers


Kicks looking bland and boring? Looking to accent your Boost with the Matte Black color way? You've come to the right place, now introducing Heel Cup Covers! Where you can customize your sneaker in minutes. Whether your kicks are brand new or they're your beaters and all scuffed up, our heel cup covers will give them protection and a totally new life that'll turn heads. Each set comes with 4 covers, enough for one pair of sneakers. Heel Cup Covers are made from a similar material as car wrap vinyl, and are a much higher quality than a sticker. Products are wear tested in Chicago, IL, built to withstand all four seasons. They are weather resistant and can withstand most elements of nature. Boosted Stripes products are made to be applied with heat and can be removed without damaging the sneaker.

Heel Cup Sizing - 

Men's (Size 8-13)
Women's (Size 5-10)