MiBoosted 6 - Pack UB Stripes


Finally, a way to make your sneakers unique and customizable without the worries of it being permanent! Try our new MiBoosted 6 Pack on your Ultra Boosts! Boosted Stripes are your answer to plain, boring, old kicks. Easily installed in under 10 minutes with the use of a hair dryer or heat source, and lasting for up to 3 months with proper care, Boosted Stripes can totally transform the look of your sneakers, old or new. Our goal isn’t to tamper with the material structure or wear ability of your name brand sneakers, so using similar materials and techniques to that of automobile wrapping with high performance vinyl, you are able to add a new and exciting look to your kicks that can be fully removed in under five minutes! Boosted Stripes do not leave a residue behind and are much higher quality than a sticker. Boosted Stripes are manufactured to stretch and machine cut to be compatible with the Ultra Boost 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0. Boosted Stripes are wear tested in Chicago, IL, and are made to withstand the forces of all four seasons and are weather resistant to most elements of nature.

All Ultra Boost Kits Now Come With Matching Eyelet Covers!

Stripes come 12 to a kit, enough for one pair of sneakers.  
Eyelet Covers come 16 to a kit, enough for one pair of sneakers.

What's Included-

1 - Gloss Yellow UB Stripe Set + Eyelet Cover Set
1 - Gloss Red  UB Stripe Set + Eyelet Cover Set
1 - Gloss Electric Blue  UB Stripes + Eyelet Cover Set
1 - Gloss Navy Blue  UB Stripe Set + Eyelet Cover Set
1 - Gloss Orange  UB Stripe Set + Eyelet Cover Set
1 - Gloss Maroon  UB Stripe Set + Eyelet Cover Set

Ultra Boost Stripe Sizing 

Small – Kids 3.5-5.5 and Women’s 5-7
Medium – Men’s 6-8 and Women’s 7.5-9.5
Large – Men’s 8.5-10.5 and Women’s 10-12
X-Large – Men’s 11-13
*Sneakers are not included.