Boosted Stripes

"Olympic Silver NMD"

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Want to stand out? BOOSTEDSTRIPES take the look of your NMD R1 to the next level. Tired of having the same looking shoe as everyone else day in and day out? BOOSTEDSTRIPES are your answer and come 12 to a set, 3 for each side of the NMD. BOOSTEDSTRIPES are precisely machine cut to ensure a near perfect fit to your size NMD, and have a lifetime of up to 3 months, but can be removed easily at any time. Perfect for creating a new look without having to buy a new pair of kicks, matching a classic color way, sports team or school, and even trading with friends to create your own unique set! Take it even a step further with one of our unique patterned BOOSTEDSTRIPES!

*Please note, each NMD stripe must be cut at the bottom where the sole meets the upper to ensure the best fit! The stripes are specific to the mesh NMD R1, although the stripes may work on prime knit, we have not tested to the full extent and cannot guarantee the life time on any other shoe besides the mesh NMD R1. 


  • Men's (Size 9-13)
  • Women's (Size 5-10)

*Sneakers not included.