Matte White Ultra Boost Oreo Pack Full Kit
Matte White Ultra Boost Oreo Pack Full Kit Matte Black Ultra Boost Oreo Pack Full Kit

Full Custom Kits for your Ultra Boost

Check out our all new Oreo Pack Ultra Boost Full Kit! Full Kits are carefully selected and comprised of multiple stripe sets, eyelet covers, heel cup covers, and laces to create your own unique look on your sneaker! All pieces of the kit can be fully removed at any time and can last up to 3 months with proper care. Full Kits are built with the customer in mind, they hold the most value, and create the most “WOW” factor when installed. Whether this is your first time using Boosted Stripes or you’re a pro by now, Full Kits are the best way to truly transform the look of your sneaker. Full kits are made with similar material that is used to wrap cars, and is cut, packaged, and tested in Chicago, IL, built to withstand all four seasons. Please refer below to see what’s included with this specific kit! 
Each specific item listed includes enough of that item for one pair of sneakers.  

What’s Included

"Matte White" - Boosted Stripes ($15.00 Retail)
"Matte Black"- Boosted Stripes ($15.00 Retail) 
"Matte White" - Eyelet Covers ($4.00 Retail)
"Matte Black" - Eyelet Covers ($4.00 Retail)
"Matte White" - Heel Cup Covers ($8.00 Retail)
"Matte Black" - Heel Cup Covers ($8.00 Retail) 

*Total Value of $54 for $29

Ultra Boost Stripe Sizing

Small – Kids 3.5-5.5 and Women’s 5-7
Medium – Men’s 6-8 and Women’s 7.5-9.5 
Large – Men’s 8.5-10.5 and Women’s 10-12
X-Large – Men’s 11-13
*Sneakers are not included.