What sneakers do Boosted Stripes products work on?

We currently offer products for the Ultra Boost, Ultra Boost 19, Ultra Boost 20, YZY 700, NMD, POD S3.1, Uncaged Ultra Boost, and the Superstar. However, our stripes do work with other model sneakers. If you are curious about your specific shoe model, please send an email with a photo of your shoes to chris@boostedstripes.com

How many pieces come with each Boosted Stripe Kit?

Every product we sell comes with enough to complete two shoes or one pair. 

Do I need to apply heat when using Boosted Stripes and Accessory Kits?

Yes, you absolutely need to be using a heat source, like a hair dryer or heat gun, for a short period of time to really kick in the adhesion of the material. You should see the material start to soften and the texture of the shoe will start to show through the Boosted Stripes material. (5-15 seconds per stripe)

Can I remove my Boosted Stripes? 

Yes, all Boosted Stripes products can be fully removed without leaving any residue behind. We recommend using a hair dryer or heat gun to reheat the material before removal. This will reactivate the adhesive and allow for a clean and easy experience.

Can I re-use Boosted Stripes and Accessory Kits?

Unfortunately, we do not recommend re-using the materials as they lose some adhesion and stretch when peeled off.

How long can we expect Boosted Stripes and Accessory Kits to last after properly installed?

With proper installation, materials can last three to six months on parts where the shoe experiences frequent flex and even longer on pieces that do not flex with wear. If you experience any troubles with your order, please send an email with photos of your stripes and shoes, along with your order number to contact@boostedstripes.com

The fitment on my Boosted Stripes or Accessory Kits seems off, is this possible?

Our materials are precisely cut with automated machines and sized best to fit a range of sizes. First make sure each piece is installed the correct way/direction based on the instructions. Next, note that the material is made to have a little stretch and can be adjusted length wise with a bit of heat applied to the material. Finally, heat one more time and tuck all edges down. If fitment still doesn't seem correct, please contact us and will make sure to sort things out. Please send an email with photos of your stripes and shoes, along with your order number to contact@boostedstripes.com

What materials can I apply my Boosted Stripes or Accessory Kits to?

Our adhesive kits stick to any part of your sneaker that has a rubber/silicon/plastic/leather make up. Unfortunately, our kits do not adhere to cloth. This means they are not compatible with PRIME KNIT, FABRIC, or CLOTH used to make up the Parley's, ATR's, or Prime Knit NMD's for example.

Will using Boosted Stripes or Accessory Kits cause damage to my sneaker?

No, of course not! We'd never want to harm your most prized possessions. All the materials used have similar properties to car wrapping material, and are fully removable. If any residue is left, simply use a cotton ball and nail polish remover and watch it disappear in seconds. 


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I'm Upset With My Order, How Can I Return The Product?

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